Handcrafted Contemporary Jewellery

Trish Van N is a collection of Handcrafted Contemporary Jewellery inspired by world travels, architecture, and culture, translating into an aesthetic that is boldly feminine, modern, and timeless. Employing precious metals like gold vermeil (18k gold gilded over silver or brass) and 14K gold, each piece of jewellery is intricately casted by Thai craftsmen, well-known for their deft and detailed workmanship. Every design was created to be a conversational piece, and intended to be mixed, matched and layered.

The TVN woman is eclectic and adventurous. She is a discerning customer, and design is key. Besides an impeccable taste, she has something else to express through the jewellery she wears. Just like her individualistic personality and style, her choice of jewellery also reflects her beautiful idiosyncrasies and quirks.


Our young contemporary label is currently stocked at award-winning multi-label store Willow & Huxley in Singapore, and hopes to develop beyond the shores of our sunny little island.

Willow & Huxley
20 Amoy Street
Singapore 069855
Tel: +65 6220 1745
Website: willowandhuxley.com


The Designer – Tricia Ng

Tricia Ng - Singaporean Designer

Tricia Ng is the Singaporean designer and founder of her namesake jewellery brand Trish Van N. Twelve years ago, with the birth of her multi-label jewellery store, Tricia immersed herself in the world of designer jewellery and never looked back. She went on to create T. Atelier Jewels in 2010, but ceased the brand in 2015 as she parted ways with her then business partner. Trish Van N is her new inception, and labour of love. Travel, geometry and nature serve as her main sources of inspiration as she continues to create striking pieces often splashed in rich yellow gold.